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"Changing the Face of Orthodontics" 

Traditional Orthodontics and Invisalign level and align the teeth with little regard for the underlying causes of why the teeth are crooked, do not address the bones and musculature structure, and are restrictive by design. In Quantum ALF ORTHODONTICS, the ALF appliance and treatment look to address the underlying causes of "WHY" the teeth are crooked. It encourages proper tongue position and function by stimulating it to the top of the mouth, augments cranial motion, is airway focused, and it subtly creates the natural space required for ALL the teeth and helps to reorient the cranial bones and muscles prior to leveling and aligning the teeth. 

A HOLISTIC APPROACH to Orthodontics.
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In the case above, Traditional Orthodontics suggested removal of 4 permanent teeth. 14 months after the ALF was initially placed there is sufficient space to keep all the permanent teeth. As the space was being created by harnessing the proper positioning of the tongue in the roof of the mouth, the patient explained she could breathe better through her nose. The ALF created motion in the cranial complex allowing for the height of the palate to decrease and the floor of the nose to lower to allow for improved nasal breathing. The advanced light force (ALF) wire and the omega loops in the design encourage the tongue to actively participate in creating the space and shaping of the palate. In essence, the ALF encourages the muscles, bones, and teeth in the cranial complex to reach their more complete genetic potential.

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ALF Description

  • WHAT IS "ALF?" (Advanced Light Force or Advanced Light-wire Functional)

"ALF" is a dental/orthopedic/orthodontic appliance that offers many advantages to people of all ages. Researched and developed by Dr. Darick Nordstrom, its multiple benefits are derived from a light force that is applied in the mouth on the bones, muscles and teeth of the jaws and face. This force along the cranial sutures encourages proper bone growth and formation while stabilizing the muscles involved, resulting in proper tooth alignment and occlusion of the teeth into the mouth. Cosmetically, it is relatively "invisible," as it gently wraps around the back of the teeth and is not visible from the outside. 


Research has helped us identify many red flags in young children that pertain to a lack of proper growth and development.These early warning signs allow us to intervene as early as possible to help correct the discrepancy and get the child back on track to their ideal development. Warning signs may include : difficulty nursing, chronic congestion, enlarged tonsils and adenoids, recurrent ear infections, forward head posture, asthma, crossbites, deep bites, underbites, lack of spacing in baby teeth, and speech issues.

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Before ALF OrthodonticTreatment
Before ALF Orthodontic Treatment
Before ALF Orthodontic Treatment
Initial ALF Orthodontic Placement
Before ALF Orthodontic Treatment

After ALF Orthodontic Treatment Posture Improvement
After ALF Orthodontic Treatment Posture Improvement

After ALF Orthodontic Treatment Posture Improvement
Expansion after ALF Orthodontic Treatment

During ALF Orthodontic Treatment

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